Monday, December 18, 2006

And I may do it again.

I saw Lister today. Over the next two weeks, my daily steroid consumption is going ot be cut in half. This is good (as long as the breathing and/or oher GvH issues don't get worse), but I am going to be *TIRED*. I may have to cheat a few more times with some caffiene, or I'll spend the entire day on the sofa. That may not sound that bad to someone else, but imagine that constantly, you have this chunk of time of your life just gone. Little concept of time and how long it's been since you've called that friend back. (This happens for weeks or months at a time.) So, I'm trying to see if I can at least be more dliigent about responding back to folks between naps! :-)

I'm really hoping that my body doesn't flip out (give me GvH) as I go off the steroids. The chemo is going to still knock me down every two weeks, but Lister tells me that if I can get down into the lower numbers of the steroids it will help other issues such as:
• I have extremely high blood suger (over 500 when normal is under 100)
• As a result of the high sugar, I have double vision in my left eye (especially after eating)
• Weight loss/muscle atrophy -- and not in the good way. I'm rebuilding as the steroids are being cut, but I have areas that have extra skin because there's nothing behind it. :-(

If I can get those guys out of the way while maintaining the progress we've achieved in the breathing, then I'd be a happy girl. It would be a nice birthday present. :-D

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Cheated.

Yesterday, I had some coffee and was actually able to get back in front of the easel for a couple of hours. I haven't wanted to start the whole caffiene ride (I have enough drugs in my system), that it would make me even more jittery, or that it would dry out my eyes even more. However, I did it, and I got some good awake time from it!! :-)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sunshine in December

About a week ago, Ralph picked up some fresh fruit salad from the local grocery store. The fresh chunks of pineapple in there taste just like summer sunshine!!

Aside from enjoying the pineapple, I've been resting A LOT. I have not been able to paint, and only just today have I been able to pick up a magazine to read. Coming off the steroids combined with the chemo has left me pretty much out of ability to do anything but sit and rest (or lie down and sleep). I'm surprised at the amount of fatigue associated with coming off the steroids. I think it's also because there is a lot of rebuilding that my body has to do. I have lost a significant amount of strength (muscle) on the steroids, and I think that my body needs the rest to rebuild.