Sunday, October 30, 2005


So, I've gotten a few notes from some folks about my lack of current events. I didn't think I had new stuff to write about, but then I read the last entry, and realized that I do. :-)

Last I wrote, I spoke about how the man who was found as a genetic match had agreed to do the transplant. Well, apparently, since then, he has moved and they don't have an updated address for him yet! So, now it's on to candidate #2, a 32-year old woman. She has had the physical examination and has signed the letter of intent for donation. All things in that respect are plowing ahead. On the other hand, Ralph and I have been consistently losing each level of appeal with HealthAmerica, so pardon me while I put in few sentences that I hope will be picked up by the search engines [ HealthAmerica denies coverage, cancer treatment, HealthAmerica HMO bad service provider, "time for a healthier relationship" advertising campaign, HealthAmerica denies coverage that even the Veteran's Affairs office has approved ]. I don't know if people would search under those criteria, but should they, I would want them to know what ignorant asses the decision makers at HealthAmerica are. No one should have to fight an insurance organization to receive cancer treatment.

In an attempt to get me into treatment, Ralph and I will switch insurance providers to Highmark on November 1st. So, hopefully the next time I write you, I will be closer to the next steps. :-/

What else...? Ah! Last weekend, I undertook our household's first pluming project--albeit a minor one. I changed the kitchen faucet. Ralph came in the end and tightened a few of the nuts for me, but after 3 trips to HomeDepot and 5 hours, yours truly figured it out. And now I hear the slogan in my head: "HomeDepot. You can do it, we can help." And they did! :-) Next up...a garbage disposal. Hm. Maybe *next* weekend. ;-)

As far as painting, I would love to say that I have advanced to another painting, but I've been pretty tired lately. There's a bunch of things that I wanted to get done before the weather gets too cold, and they left me plum tuckered-out. I'm also still trying to finish up my last one. There's something missing in the layout at the top of the painting, but I can't place it. And I'm hesitant to take it off of the easel until I figure it out, because I'm afraid I won't go back to it. I don't know...but I'll figure out something soon. I gotta get back in front of the canvas.

ttyl !!