Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thin Air

So, things are still pretty much the same. I have begun to be able to read at least, though! Granted, I have to wear two pairs of reading glasses (one on top of the other), but at least I'm able to sit,and obtain information without having to listen to something or someone. Sometimes, you just want to sit in silence. Other times, It's nice to listen to a podcast, or a book on tCD, etc. I've also started watching a litle TV, particularly the travel channel. I haven't decided if this is cruel or helpful to myself yet. l-) Today, however, there was a show where this guy travelled to Peru. One of the places he visitied was Machu Picchu, I have seen pictures of it before. I think I've even seen a few tv specials on it, and verytime that I have, I have felt a huge draw to it. I have a very emotional response to that place, even though I have never even been in Central nor South America. If my lungs ever recover, Machu Picchu is one of the places I would definitely like to visit in my life.

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Life of a Feather, miss you