Friday, November 23, 2007

Some improvement

Hello all...the situation is still pretty much the same. I still have a hard time breathing and seing. :-(( It's been a pretty low fall because of that. For a while there I was just waiting for the vision to come back. I spent most of my days sleeping the majority of the time, because I figured "What's the sense of getting up if I can't see what I'm doing anyway?"I think that is the most helpless and useless and hopeless that I have felt in my history of this illness. On top of that, Ralph and I picked up a cold, so that just made me even more tired. Fiinally, after going to my regular doctor appointment[ in a wheelchair(because my breathing was SO poor and I was so tired) I decided I have to fight again. Now, I am proud to say that I am nearly off the oxygen, I'm walking on the treadmill daily, and actually doing some painting. The painting is not of the beautiful kind, but more of functional, subjective testing for my eyes' conidition of the optic neuropathy. I started about three weeks ago, painting lines of 1 inch diameter circles on pages of a watercolor paper bock. I went at it with the goal of trying to track my visual acuity and color perception on a week by week basis. So far, there have only been three weeks' worth of circles, and I can't se too much of a difference (because I still can't focus around the giant blur spot in my central vision), but Ralph tells me that he can notice a change between them. I'll take that as a positive motion and hope that it only continues!


Anonymous said...


This is Amy Lundgren/Timney's mom. I don't know if you remember ME, but I remember YOU.

I commented to you once before, but it didn't register. I hope you get this one.

You are truly an inspiration.
Your art is exquisite.
Your attitude is phenomenal.
Your disease is just heinous.

Don't let it get you.

With love, concern, and admiration,

Amy's Mom

thefeather said...

Hello Kathy,
Thank you for such words of encouragement and support. You'd be surprised how much those will help me on my low days.
Hugs, Stacy