Friday, September 09, 2005

Cold shoulder.

HealthAmerica has now denied coverage for the transplant deeming it as experimental. I spoke with a woman today at member services who apologized for the denial (eventhough she is not directly involved). She said that I should go through HealthAmerica's appeal process. The same process that I have been through for two different treatments already, and that are categorically DENIED every time. I'm starting to think that the appeals process is about as effectual as the little thermostats in offices that make the employees think that they can adjust the temperature of their office. In reality, it's just a placebo to simulate control of the situation.

This morning, I called my contact at HealthAmerica.
"I wish there was more I could tell you. I guess it's your choice."
Stunned, I responded, "To LIVE or DIE?!"
"Well, if you are going to have that treatment...if you are going pursue trying to get your health insurance to pay for your treatment."
"Because there are so many other options?"
"Yeah, I'm sorry."

Good morning to you too.

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